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You are confusing the word CABLE with what RJ-x style connectors are on the ends.


CAT-xy CABLES are used for computer-computer communication links (Ethernet, etc) and have 4 twisted pairs of 8 wires inside for improved noise immunity from electrical interference. The additional number+letter designations relate to other construction techniques of the wire that supposedly rate it up to a certain signal transmission speed rating in MHz. There also are other varieties for thermal or fire resistant environments.


The ordinary Telco type cables you find in the hardware store are flat (or round) but do not contain twisted pairs. Various AWG sizes also exist.


RJ style connectors are named to identify the number of wire space width and having 2, 4, 6 or 8 actual connections inside.


Is CAT rated cable better than Telco types? Technically… Yes.

Is there any real advantage to using CAT rated cable in the MRR industry? Probably not unless you have runs that are  100’s of feet long and have evidence of noise interference. The DCC control and cab buss communication frequencies involved are nowhere near the MHz range where CAT style wiring would help.  


Sticking with Telco style flat cables with RJ connectors is the lowest cost solution. If it ain’t broke, throwing money at it to convert to CAT rated cabling will only help empty your wallet.




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For some reason I can not find any file on the difference between RJ-12 cable and CAT-5e cable for cab buss. I know this subject5 has been covered before.

 I would appreciate any info available. I don't know if I need CAT-5e or stay with RJ-12.

Thanks in advance.


Leonard Lee Davis

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