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Thanks Paul,

You were probably looking at my earlier post about a PA that I was converting. This is a different engine - an E8. The boards do not look at all alike.. The one in the E8 does not have terminals like the one you posted. The wires are soldered into the board at various places.


Mike G.


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O.K., Now I am puzzeled. There are two headlights, an upper and a lower headlight. The lower is no problem - two leads. However, the upper headlight has three leads coming out of it. They went all the way back to the circuit board, which I have removed. I removed most of the components on the top of the circuit board before I discovered the three lead headlight. Does anyone have a schematic of the wiring? I can make guesses as to what it was for, but I would like to have some idea for sure before I proceed.


I measured between the three leads in all the combinations and came out that between any two leads, with any polarity there is about 35 ohms, cold.



Mike G.


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I was comparing my engine to the example on the website. Mine has a newer(?) circuit board in it, or at least it has a few more components on it. The loco itself has two headlights, so there a set of 3 white wires (one per headlight, and a common).

There are still two screws that hold the circuit board in place, but one of them also holds what I believe to be a voltage regulator, in place as well.

(picture available if requested)

I just want verification, that if I use a different decoder from TCS that the same wiring for the decoder plug is valid.

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Does this example from the TCS web site help you?




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I have an older Lifelike / Proto 2000  E-8a in MKT red livery and is DC. It is full of a large weight and has a circuit board in it. The front headlight hooks up to the circuit board. Not much room for a decoder. Is there a prodedure documented somewhere? Any suggestions?



Mike G.

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