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O.K., Now I am puzzeled. There are two headlights, an upper and a lower headlight. The lower is no problem - two leads. However, the upper headlight has three leads coming out of it. They went all the way back to the circuit board, which I have removed. I removed most of the components on the top of the circuit board before I discovered the three lead headlight. Does anyone have a schematic of the wiring? I can make guesses as to what it was for, but I would like to have some idea for sure before I proceed.


I measured between the three leads in all the combinations and came out that between any two leads, with any polarity there is about 35 ohms, cold.



Mike G.


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I was comparing my engine to the example on the website. Mine has a newer(?) circuit board in it, or at least it has a few more components on it. The loco itself has two headlights, so there a set of 3 white wires (one per headlight, and a common).

There are still two screws that hold the circuit board in place, but one of them also holds what I believe to be a voltage regulator, in place as well.

(picture available if requested)

I just want verification, that if I use a different decoder from TCS that the same wiring for the decoder plug is valid.

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