Re: Staging Yard Wiring Questions

Richard Sutcliffe

You might want to consider drawing your schematic on paper, or cover paper and mounting behind 3mm Plexiglass or Lexan.
Relatively easy to reconfigure if changes are made.
I have done several panels with a drawing program. Printed one copy normally, and a second copy backwards, then attached them back to back, so when working in the back of the panel you can see clearly where parts are located.
Also easier to keep clean.

On 2013-09-19, at 2:35 AM, Jerry Breon wrote:

My next thoughts deal with the staging yard turnout indicator lights which I'm thinking will be individual red and green LEDs, probably from Miniatronics, mounted in a 1/8" Masonite track diagram panel along with the Tortoise motor toggles. Would appreciate comments on this and perhaps specific part numbers for the components.
Thanks again,
Jerry Breon

Dick Sutcliffe
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