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Kurt Konrath

I bought a nice digital MM with audio ohms check for just a couple of bucks at the local Walmart store. Not sure if the have then up north but the meters were with household electrical and in automotive areas.

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On Aug 27, 2013, at 8:31 PM, Paul <summermanva@...> wrote:

Thanks for the info. I went ahead and ordered a $6 multimeter from Amazon, including shipping. I thought that I could try the leads off of it to test my Radio Shack meter to see if that helps, if it doesn't, then I would still have a working meter. Unfortunately it didn't have a continuity test, but I can rig something else up for that.

Harbor Freight is about 35 miles away near Costco, so I might get one there too when I go to Costco next time.

I appreciate everyone's help.


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I have three meters from Harbor Freight for some years. I keep one in the car.
Couple guys in our club used the same. You can get about the same off of ebay. Probably all made in China by the same company for different distributors. They are all close to my expensive meter. They do not measure AC current but that is not an issue for most model railroaders.
They still come with a socket for testing transistors.
The cheapest ones, usually around $4.00. I have a couple Oscilloscopes and they show the meters are ok.This is not rocket science. I was a NASA contractor for fouteen years and used the best equipment.

The set of clip leads are very useful.

The only ones who say they are no good are the "experts" who do not use them.

Guess how much to replace if misused which can happen with new users of the meter.

The meters have a fuse inside to protect the electronics. I bought a pack of five fuses from my local Radio Shack.
The only issue I ever had was when the 9 volt battery got too low.


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Unless you buy a name brand, they are all generic meters made in Asia some place by manufactures you never heard of.

If you having erratic operation, it might be the test leads are intermittent. Seen that happen many times over years of use. You just need new test leads.

On Aug 27, 2013, at 5:55 AM, Paul wrote:

I bought a multimeter from Radio Shack, but it seems erratic and doesn't work right. I guess that they are just trash. Can someone here recommend a good reliable, but inexpensive multimeter?



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