Re: Shinohara DCC Friendly 3 way turnout wiring

John Cahill

Hi Mike. Any particular brand or model you would recommend?

Best Regards,

On 27 Jun 2013, at 07:44, "Michael Looney" <excalibur5776@...> wrote:

I don't understand why would you use two Tortoise switch machine, when all you need is one servo that can be program to stop three time, for a lot less then any Tortoise, they also can be used in signals and a servo cost about $3.00 and then use a frog juicer to take care of the frogs.
This ends all problems and leaves you to run trains and let the electronics do all the work. I quit using high dollars switch machine a long time ago because of there cost, and if I have a servo go bad, it three dollars and three screws to take off and to put back on, less then five minutes to replace it, and a lot cheaper.

Mike Looney

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