Re: Stalling Loco

Bill Wilken

Use a very small (about two inch in length) mason's level to determine
whether one rail is higher than the other; also to determine whether
your track is free of any bows. It can be very difficult to see either
defect, but both can cause maddening power pickup problems, especially
if they occur in turnouts.

On 06/17/2013 11:40 PM, Glenn wrote:

The tender pick up should work......

But I suspect you have a track power problem more than a power pick up


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I have Rivirossi 2-8-2 steam loco that stalls at all gaps. Seems the
tender has pickups for both trucks but on only one side. I assume this is
why it stalls soon as the drive wheels pass the gaps. Is there a way to
rewire the trucks so power can be picked up from both rails and routed to
the motor with a connector or such? Thanks.

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