Re: Wiring Blocks Common Rail or Isolate both rails?

wirefordcc <wire4dcc_admin@...>


You have 4 possible areas of failure:

1. The BD4 isn't wired up correctly to the track. I don't see the
BD4 manual on Digitrax's website so I can't help you much. I am
using BD1s which require that a particular terminal go to your
track. If the BD4 is like this, make sure you have it wired up
correctly. You may want to connect your BD4 temporarily directly to
your booster and a short section of track for test purposes.

2. The BD4 isn't wired up correctly to the DS54. You will just
have to consult the manuals for the BD4 and DS54.

3. Your DS54 isn't programmed correctly. I provide a table of CV
values for your DS54 which will enable block detection and send
Loconet messages.

4. Your method of displaying detection messages on Loconet isn't
set up correctly. I assume you are using a computer to detect to
your Loconet messages from the DS54. You should also see messages
from your throttles. Make sure it is picking them up.

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