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Thanks to all for your inputs.

It will work, I tried an experiment, but it failed some what. The trolley
runs like a jack rabbit doing wheelies in one direction.

The pack I was using was a cheapie, so I had little control over the voltage
input. But I think lowering the input from a transistorized pack will slow
down the trolley without affecting the performance of the AR. My experience
with IC circuitry tells me most IC's operate on about 5vdc. The 12V input of
DCC AR's is probably just DCC default.

Thank you Alan for the Cubicle Circuit, I may just have a similar one on a
bread board in my electronics Junk Box.


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The simple answer is No as the DCC auto-reversers operate from the fixed DCC
voltage and short circuit amps of the track bus. The typical adjustable DC
supply for the trolley won't work.

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