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If your goal is to have a trolley stop at two end points, wait a while, than
reverse, see my cubicle train at:

It only works with a DC trolley (not a DCC) one.

The whole thing works without sensors and works with only two wires to the


Wiring For DCC

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This is probably way off the DCC topic.

Can a DCC auto reverser be use on a DC track to change the direction of a

I know there are such animals out there, but try finding one in this DCC
world. I have tried searching the web, but always seem to come back to DCC

Logic tells me that if I wire one end (R) stopping section opposite of the
main (M) track the auto reverse module will reverse the polarity of the
main. My problem is how to wire the stopping section on the other (L) end.

My logic brain says it should be opposite the R end. The main track should
be the one that changes polarity.

Like this:

L M R Tripped> L M R
- - + - + +
+ + - + - -


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