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Kenneth Burr

When selecting a reed switch make sure that it is the latching type, or else you will need to keep the magnet near by in order to keep the switch either in the on position or off position, otherwise the reed switch will revert back to the previous state as soon as the magnet is removed.  While I have been able to find such switches in the past, I have not been able to find a current source for such switches.  As a result I am using latching sold state hall effect sensors in place of reed switches.  These sensors latch on when one pole of the magnet is brought near them, and then stay on even after the magnet is removed.  To turn the hall effect sensor off, then the other pole of the magnet is brought near the sensor, and the sensor will then stay off until such time later as the other pole of the magnet is brought near the sensor.
Ken Burr

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Thanks Kevin and Paul,
How would I set up the reed switch to turn on the LEDs by passing a magnet over the car, and then turning them off by passing the magnet over the car a second time? I plan to use 3v coin cell batteries to power a couple of LEDs, but I need to be able to turn them off when the session is complete.


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Ric, a couple more sites:

Just do a Google search on "reed switches".

Paul O

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I would like to use reed switches to control battery powered LEDs in my
passenger cars. I need some help understanding what type on switches to buy
and just how they work using an external magnet. Help greatly appreciated.


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