Re: Magnetic Reed Switches

Flash Gordon


The reed switch does not work that way. You would have to leave the magnet in place to turn them off. So you would need a Normally Closed Reed Switch (NC).

I am thinking about putting AAA rechargeable batteries in the car, with contacts out the bottom that would brush along a 4th and 5th rail under the car when it is in a terminal to pick up passengers. This would recharge the batteries with no human intervention. Also cool that the lights would stay on when you shut down the layout until the batteries discharged. In operation some cars may be on some off as in a real passenger train.

Ed S

At 06:45 PM 4/15/2013, you wrote:

Thanks Kevin and Paul,
How would I set up the reed switch to turn on the LEDs by passing a magnet over the car, and then turning them off by passing the magnet over the car a second time? I plan to use 3v coin cell batteries to power a couple of LEDs, but I need to be able to turn them off when the session is complete.


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