Re: Wiring Blocks Common Rail or Isolate both rails?

steve <snorring@...>

My problem is that i have a BD4 occupancy detector, which i am
trying to use to trigger a DS54. All Blocks run through a
Powershield circuit breaker and are all on one booster.

the BD4 doesn't seem to be sensing and i'm not sure i'm connecting
it correctly. Any assitance would be apreciated.

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I'm not quite sure I am following your question. Maybe I'm not
following you as to how you have your railroad wired. I think you
okay with what you have.

Here is the URL from my website that shows two rails with all the
associated wiring.

The heavy black lines are labeled Rail "A" and "B".

I double gap everything. I find it is easier on my sanity.
just a personal choice. If you have double gapped everything, you
are fine.

Notice that my rail "B" has many gaps in it, but those gaps are
effectively bridged by the white wire. The white wire is labeled
COMMON BUS on the drawing. Notice however, that the white and
black for each booster are NOT connected together. NEVER connect
outputs of boosters together. DO NOT have a common between

Hopefully, this information and the drawing answer your question.


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I have a layout with blocked sections. I isolated both rails in
section. I am using DCC and will be installing a BD4 to operate
signals through an SRC24.

Do i need to open 1 rail and make it common through the entire
or can i leave both rails isolated? I have all my power comming
through a 4 block circuit breaker.

Thanks for your help.


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