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Hello Jon,
The link had a comma at the end which didn't belong there..


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I looked at the posted sketch. There are no reversing sections. There is no real need for any electrical gaps in the rails. You can simply leave all the yard tracks powered.
BUT if the turnouts you plan to use are the live-frog, power routing type... at a minimum you will need to insulate each of the diverging frog rails at every turnout. Then, no matter how the turnouts are managed, or thrown at either end there will be no shorts.
This also means that every yard track and turnout needs its own feeder connections. Do yourself a favor and look through and understand the information at, then select what brand and type of turnout you want to use and stick with the same kind of turnout at both ends of the yard. You don't necessarily need to modify the turnouts to make them totally DCC friendly just to get it to work, but doing so will help operating reliability in the long run.

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I know this has been asked already. I'm sure it has. But I am having difficulty finding info on it, and what I do find is somewhat contradictory or misleading.

Any accurate assistance would be greatly appreciated.

I'd like to build a yard that looks similar to this (see "Example Yard.jpg":

What I do not know how to do is figure our where to put the rail gaps.

I am using a Digitrax DCC system, Peco Electrofrog turnouts and Atlas Code 100 flex track.

I will have the standard 14 ga electrical bus under the main line (shown in red). I plan to run feeders to the yard tracks.

Can someone open this JPG up in MS Paint or similar program and edit it to show me where I should make the rail gaps. I am guessing it's after the diverging track turns off of the yard ladder track, but how far down that yard track?

I don't want to fool around with tortoises, and switching power "off" on one track while "on" on another. I just want to be able to throw switches manually, and run a switcher through any branch in the yard w/o power issues.

And please don't comment on how this yard sucks for switching, I whipped this up in XTrackCAD in about 4 minutes as an example. That's all that it is.

Thanks in advance!

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