Re: heat shrink tubing help

Richard Sutcliffe

Don't bet on that LG
I have had styrene rod on the back of my workbench (24" deep) warp when i was shrinking heat shrink tube at the front edge.
Those tools throw the heat a long way in a compact stream.
I make a point of directing the heat stream away from the bench, sometimes at myself.

Good call on the soldering iron element, Ross

On 2013-03-09, at 7:35 PM, george hohon3 wrote:

Go to Michael's with a 50% off one item coupon and buy yourself an "Embossing Heat Tool" and your problems will be solved. No, I don't know what "embossing" is or how they use the thing . . . but it works great on shrink tubing, it's cost is minor, it's light weight and compact.

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