Re: Proper Iron for Soldering Track and Feeders

George Galyon

--- In WiringForDCC@..., "Eric" wrote:

I am looking for some sound advise to solve a problem I am having. Can anyone give me some advise on the wattage required in a soldering iron to solder feeders to track. I am using a 25 watt iron, but I seem to get to much solder on the joint, leaving a blob. There has got to be a beter way! I use two heat sinks on the rail; tin the wire and rail; but things just don't seem to get hot enough to quickly melt the solder and make the joint.

I solder lots of wires to track at the club. I have tried resistance soldering with fair results. I prefer a 25watt chisel tip gun with spaghetti (very small diameter) solder wire. You get a quicker melt with less damage (none in fact)when you use the really thin solder wire. Pre tin the wire for sure and REALLY abrade the rail surface to be soldered...I use a small screwdriver. Hold the tinned chisel tip against the abraded rail..touch the spaghetti solder to the rail and you're in..a wetted solder blob on the rail web. When soldering jumpers across rail gaps or from point to closure rails I use very thin gauge copper wire (30gauge or thinner).

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