Re: Proper Iron for Soldering Track and Feeders

Bill Wilken

I never have had this problem with a 25 watt iron. The key, in my
experience, is having an iron with a neatly tinned nib that has a rather
pointed nib. It also helps to tin the ends of your feeders before
attempting to solder them to the track. Some, of course, prefer to solder
feeders to the bottom of the track so that it is completely invisible, a
tactic you might try if you simply cannot obtain decent looking solder
joints on the side of the track.

On 1/17/13 4:04 PM, "Eric" <ezrails@...> wrote:

I am looking for some sound advise to solve a problem I am having. Can anyone
give me some advise on the wattage required in a soldering iron to solder
feeders to track. I am using a 25 watt iron, but I seem to get to much solder
on the joint, leaving a blob. There has got to be a beter way! I use two
heat sinks on the rail; tin the wire and rail; but things just don't seem to
get hot enough to quickly melt the solder and make the joint.


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