Re: breaks in sound

Bill Wilken

If you really want to test your track, try using a long wheelbase steamer
like a 4-8-4. If it runs down the line without any bounces and shimmies,
the chances are you have solid trackwork.

On 1/7/13 3:02 PM, "Bernie Halloran" <bfhalloran@...> wrote:

Thanks for the advice. I will get my face down as close as possible and look
for wheel lifts. All my track is laid either on Homasote or Homabed. Switches
are Walthers, Peco and Atlas 505 and 506s, and most all are now ballasted.
Humm. Good reason to test, test, test before ballasting. All the testing was
done with non-sound locomotives. I now know better. It¹s a lot easier to shim
track before ballasting. I just thought that on B-B locomotives that if 3
wheels were making solid contact with the track, there wouldn¹t be any sound
interruptions. Fool that I am.
Bernie Halloran

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