Re: IDC's versus Terminal Blocks?

Steve Haas

<<Do most of you favor terminal blocks for connecting track feeders to block
busses, or are you favoring the IDC approach?>>

I'd suggest a combination of both:

1) For starters, create smaller blocks. As Don V suggested, double gap or
install insulated rail joiners to isolate logical/physical blocks of track
from each other. I personally favor a blocking the track as if I was
running a "cab control" type system.

2) Regardless of the size a block, use the IDCs to connect the track feeders
to the track bus _for_that_block_.

3) Run feeders from the track block buses to your terminal blocks, use the
spade lugs here to provide the ability to disconnect a given block from the
rest of the railroad to track down shorts. With a little bit of though, you
can come up with a blocking scheme that makes it easy to track down a sport.

This sounds more complicated than it really is. In reality all it takes is
a track plan and a pencil to define logical/physical track blocks and
implement the wiring for each block one at a time.

Feel free to ask any additional questions you might have.

Best regards,

Steve Haas
Snoqualmie, WA

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