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Do you want to be able to control the marker lights on/off?
If not, wire them directly from the power pick-ups and skip the decoder altogether.

To be able to turn them on/off with the headlights, use 2 steering diodes to couple the marker lights to both front and rear head/rear light outputs. Then the marker lights will be on if either the front or rear lights are on.

Wire both diode anodes to the (-) end of marker lights. Wire the cathodes (the banded end) to the decoder function output channels. Other end of the marker lights are wired to the (+) supply common. Take care as they may be low voltage or LED type and need other additional resistor components.


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I want to wire marker lights into a digitrax DH163D so that they are always on while the headlight and rear light are directional. What are your thoughts? Thanks.


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