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I haven't followed this thread until now.

I get the idea the edge connector is for the ease of wiring the Tortoise. I
don't think the Tortoise was initially intended to be used with an edge

I agree soldering to the tortoise after it is installed can be a problem.

Instead of an edge connector or some other Rube Goldberg contraption, why
not wire the Tortoise with leads, then to a terminal strip or to an 8-pin
male/female connector?


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Subject: RE: [WiringForDCC] edge connectors vs. terminal block

I second Don's comment, the Tortoise is a great device and rock solid. I
have some over 10 years old and still going strong. I always solder my
wires to them.

It's not the Tortoise that is the issue, it is the connectors some folks try
to use with it.

Not meaning to be flip here at all, but if Tortoise machines are such a
source of problems, why use them at all?

The thickness of the PCB board is undesized allowing
a lose mechanical connection. The board does not have tight fit like a
Digitrax board has in it edge card connector for reference.

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