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If you take a look at the guy's web page, he suggests three Digikey part numbers. Even if you don't order from Digikey, it's worth looking up the parts to get the exact specs.

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Thanks for the tip! Any idea as to part number and source of the terminal blocks?

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I came across an interesting idea shortly after the edge card connector to screw terminal boards were released. Scroll down the the bottom of this page:

This would seem to make wiring under the layout easier, while maintaining a reasonable amount of reliability.

I've built one as a demonstration, but it's not been installed on the layout yet to see how well it works.

If you use screw terminals, be sure to look at the wire gauges and capacities. Trying to jam more wires under a screw than the device is rated for is a sure way to have problems.


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Are there any recomendations, suggestions, comments for using edge connector cards vs. terminal blocks for Tortoises? Any discussion of benefits vs. pitfalls of one over the other? Regarding blocks... how far away (what's the longest length) from a device can a feeder wire be &/or what suggested guage... 20, 22, ??? It seams that terminal blocks would aloww mulitple similar devices to be connected to a neaby individual block, ie: 3 Tortoise machince & their related LEDs (&/or other devices) to a single block... right? Or not?

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