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Richard Neil

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Most LEDs we work with need 3v and since our track power is 12v to 15v we obviously need to reduce the input to them. I assume you want to put the bi-color LED to show which way the turnout is thrown?

Yes, correct & I'll add for clarification (it may may modify your responce) that the bi-color LED will be on both the layout itself, next to the turnout, AND on the control panel board.
Looking forward to your reply. Richard

If that is correct then you put the LED in line with one side of the switch between the switch and tortoise. Use a DPDT without center off.

David Klemm
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Rich, here are your answers:

Paul O

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Thanks to all of you who have recently provided great infomation about my
Now I'd like to know which Tortoise terminals to wire to switches & LED's...

1) do I use DPDT (with or w/o "center OFF or ON") or SPST, OR ?????
2) which wires on the switch get wired to which Tort teminals?
3) I want to wire LED light (bi-colored) at each turnout. Can I wire each
one to the Tort? Which terminals? Are resistors needed, if so what kind?

Thanks. Looking forward to your responces or questions for more


If it matters, I'm useing NCE Power Cab w/5 amp booster SB3a.

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