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It will work as well on DCC as it does DC.


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That is what I was thinking but I wasn't sure. I am still not sure about the DPDT switch. Does this work equally well for DCC as it does for analog? Thanks for the good advice. Ohkwari

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Put the gaps for the AR on the straight section of track between the turnouts. The reversing section goes from just after one turnout to just before the other. (It'd be easier if I could point and say "Put them here.")

I'd probably locate the AR section near the air conditioner, as it's a single track (only two points of entry) and train length is limited by the tail on the wye.

If your turntable handles the polarity change itself, you won't need an AR or switch. If it does not, you can use a DPDT switch (not SPDT) to correct the polarity manually.


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