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Agreed, sort of . Just like some/most model paints, if you store it
upside down after opening and closing it the first time, it will last a
lot longer.
However, for insulating a low voltage lead like an LED, one or two
layers of an old nail polish your wife/daughter doesn't want will do as
well. Coloured is great, as you can see if you've done a particular
lead yet - you can even colour code the leads that way if you can score
two bottles, so that rewiring five years later is a cinch. I've got
psycho-black and brilliant red we picked up at Wallymart a few years ago.


On 13/07/2012 6:11 AM, Glenn wrote:
IMHO Stay away from liquid electrical tape.

It works great, however from my experience it's a waste of money. I used it
during two sessions, but upon the third about two months later the entire
jar had set up.


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I would consider using "liquid electrical tape." This product is available
in several colors from the big box home improvement stores, and many
electronic suppliers. Here's a link to the Home Depot page:



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