Re: Cooper's Reversing Wye and Yard

Steve Haas

Carl follows up:

<<Hi Guys:>>

<<I uploaded Option 3:>>

<<I added the third side to the Wye and moved the gaps to the first yard

Hi Carl,

I'm convinced you and I are interpreting Cooper's original plan differently.
Where you see the interface to staging as a wye as you've illustrated in
option 3, I see it as two separate leads that can be used to access
staging/reversing section when trains on the main are traversing the main
loop in a counter-clockwise path.

Cooper, can you repost the original overall plan so we can work this out?
Carl and I obviously have different interpretations of your original plan -
the best outcome for you depends on Carl and I interpreting your plan

Best regards,


Steve Haas
Snoqualmie, WA

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