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Dale Gloer

if your layout is running correctly hnow on DC then you don't have
to do anything to start up with DCC.

However, if you want to change the way you power your tracks after
you convert to DCC, for example to change a yard that now has all
the track power routed through the switches - that is only the track
selected has power - to having all the tracks powered all the time,
then you will have to gap the frog rails of all the switches. There
is no need to gap the stock rails. If the yard in the example is
double ended, then you have gap the frogs at both ends. Of course
this means you have to run power feeders to all the yard tracks too.


--- In WiringForDCC@yahoogroups.com, sawlumber@a... wrote:
I have an existing layout. I'm getting ready to change over to
DCC. I have
Electrofrog Peco turnouts. I have heard that if you put
insulators on the
frog rails and the stock rails of the switch, I won't have to
tear them out
and re-wire them? Any ideas?


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