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Thanks, Don and Steve. I am unfamiliar with the term choke/snubber/filter. Can one of you explain?

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You will need an auto-reverser for the reverse loop. Just locate it near the reverse loop itself and connect it up to the existing DCC bus at that end of the layout and to the reverse loop tracks. The 27-30ft length is not an absolute limit, but merely a suggestion for optimum performance. Adding an R/C snubber/terminator to the DCC bus wires at the far end from the booster (near the input to the reverser) will also help prevent signal degradation. Yes, twisting the DCC distribution bus run also helps to minimize problems. Is it absolutely necessary?... No but it you are building the layout, it is a good idea.


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In Alan's web site the possible length of a bus element is 27-30' from the booster. Does this length also include the reverse loop wiring? For instance if my bus length to the reverse loop is 20' and the reverse loop is 12', have I exceeded the 27' limit? If so I would have to move the booster closer to the loop or add another curcuit breaker.

Also, should a long bus always be terminsted?


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