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Jack Hofmockel <jack.hofmockel@...>

In a situation like this, would re-motoring the locomotive be
an option?


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If the stall current of the motor is more than about 0.7-0.8 amps with 12 V
DC applied, I would retire the loco. Even that level is too high if you
have high current headlights or want to run the smoke generator.


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Subject: [WiringForDCC] Converting an old locomotive

I have an old H0 4-6-4 that was part of a train set, given to me many years
ago. I am pondering converting to DCC, hence the question.

It appears that the locomotive body provides for common return for motor,
headlight, smoke unit. But, it appears that the body is isolated from the
wheels, as the tender provides the pickup for both rails. There is a red
wire from one of the tender trucks and a black wire from the other. It seems
to be that I sould be able to intercept these wires and put in a DCC socket.
The question is whether I would still need to isolate the motor (light, etc)
from the frame, or could I continue to use it for a common return to the DCC

It needs quite a bit of work on loosening up the drive mechanism, which may
make DCC conversion meaningless.

Any thoughts/advice?



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