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I would advise you to keep working on your layout design. I think there are two critical problems aside from your learning curve on DCC/etc:
1) the dead space in the corners and in the large loop -- stand at table that will be about the height of your layout (if your layout is tall, kneel down is use a low table); reach out as far as you can across the table -- that's the absolute maximum you want for a layout depth. If the layout is up at 50" high, the depth you can reach is much less than if the layout is at 38" high. In your current design, you will never reach the corners and the middle of the loop to effectively landscape/lay track/solder wires/detail those areas without crawling on top or making pop-outs. This just adds to the complexity of getting it built/maintained.
2) A liftout section with more than 2 tracks separated by more than 12 inches will never get lifted out. It will be too inconvenient to get it level/align the tracks, power the separate tracks for the lift out.

I suggest picking what you want to model (for example, for my 10x12 HO layout, I wanted a wharf, a yard with a turntable/roundhouse, an industrial switching area, mostly cityscape/not country/mountain/desert, and a coal mine); how you want to run (continuous or point-to-point), how many concurrent trains (for your size room with 1 or 2 operators, 2-4 is probably the max (2 running in double main line loops, 1 switching in the yard, 1 switching in the industrial area); and how much into control you are (use a computer/JMRI or not, use stationary decoders or not, use a signaling system or not, use block control or not). Those decisions will drive what you put into your layout design. Then the design becomes moving those pieces around until you are satisfied with the operation that could accomplished for a given configuration. I would also recommend for this size room to go with a double main line shelf layout and use a single reverse loop (open on the inside, use a bridge for a duck under) positioned as far as possible from the yard. But, it's your layout, not mine -- so it's up to you!

Best of luck,

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