Re: Controlling a wye from two locations


An NCE Switch-It supports local pushbuttons and you can wire into the tortoise feed from the Switch-IT a bicolor LED to indicate route selection.

Place two pushbuttons on each side of the peninsula and dual connect (wire 2 left push buttons (1 on each side of the peninsula) to left/normal/choice 1, wire 2 right pushbuttons to right/alt/choice 2) to the Switch-IT pushbutton inputs for choice1 and choice 2. Put two LEDs in parallel with a resistor (put 1 LED on each side of the peninsula) wired with the feed from the Switch-IT to the tortoise. The each LED will indicate same color at same time; change when either pushbutton for alternate route is pushed. No Toggle-switch direction different than route selection confusion. Also, when you use hand-held DCC cab to route/accessory select, LEDs will change to show route currently in place.


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