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Thanks for your reply , i would like to see a drawing for latching
relay if you have one. I purchased an Atlas snap relay but it
doesn't seem to be woking as i intended.


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If you have powered frogs see
If you have Tortoise machines use a technique from Or simply use the
switches internal to the Tortoise to operate the LED signals.

For a dual coil machine with no frog power switch there are
several other ways...
1. Add a mechanical microswitch to be activated by the throwbar.
See scroll down about 2/3
of the way to RECOMMENDATION #2-22: this also works with manuual
ground throws.
2. Use a latching relay with diodes to flip and remember which
coil was pulsed last. Use a relay with coil voltage rating of about
1/2 that of the supply. Be sure to use steering and free-wheeling
diodes feeding the latching relay coils. I can post a circuit
diagram if you need it.


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I'm using Ds54, Team Digiatal and CVP for stationary decoders
know of a wiring or output device i can use to report out switch
postion using LED's. I have slow motion tortoise's and have them
wired up using the internal switch.

I have a few snap switches that can't be changed out for Slow

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