Re: Track Feeder Wire Gauge

Steve Haas

Ric Z. inquires:

"What is the smallest gauge wire recommended for track feeders?"

Most DCC systems manufacturers include specs with their systems.

A lot of folks on the various e-mail list recommend nothing smaller than 22
gauge track feeders.

In reality, you can use much smaller wire for _SHORT_ distances.

A local layout where I help out uses 24 - 26 gauge track feeders of 6 to 12
inches in length to connect rail to the track bus (usually 16" gauge) below
the track. The local track bus (usually one per block, but we do put
multiple yard body tracks on the same track bus), is connected to local
distribution points, which are then connected by 12 or 14 gauge wire back to
the boosters near the command station.

In general, you can use smaller gauge wire for shorter runs, and you should
use heavier gauge wires for longer runs.

Best regards,

Steve Haas
Snoqualmie, WA

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