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Well done Doug

I was about to say the same thing. Always calculate using power not adding up amps or volts and getting a false result.

And also what is true, the boosters will only supply what is demanded by the trains and other power consumers on the layout.

There is no real need for a separate circuit in this case.


David C. Eaton
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As voltage is stepped up, Amps are stepped down, but Watts (Volts x Amps) are basically constant.

Assuming your DCC track voltage (for N scale) is roughly 12 Volts, total power that can be delivered from 4 7 Amp boosters would be 4 x 12 x 7 = 336 watts. At 120 VAC from the wall outlet, this translate to 336/120 = 2.8 Amps, well within the capacity of the typical 15 Amp house circuit. Save the electrician bill and buy more trains!

(Note that the 336 Watt figure would be absolute peak maximum, all boosters running at max load simultaneously - an unlikely event. The average load would more likely be in the 150 Watts or less range...allowing you to buy even more trains!).

Doug Stuard

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If you are uncomfortable wiring a new circuit in your electric  box, then you should hire an electrician. In addition to your own safety, if not done properly bad wiring could result in a fire. If it doesn't meet code, the insurance company could deny a claim.

Live Simply, Laugh Often

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Good Evening,

I have a new question concerning room wiring to support DCC.

My plans are to have 4 levels (2 staging) around the walls with approximately 4 boosters " 1 per level.  I run N Scale and I do not plan to run sound,  but each booster will be 7 amps (EASY DCC).  The household circuit wiring is 120VAC/15A.

Therefore,  It would appear that I would need to add an additional circuit (or 2) for the layout room.  There is always turnout turnout power, signalling, lighting,  etc.

Has anyone else had to add household circuits for their layout as they add more boosters?  I guess the other question is whether this is difficult?  I am mechanically inclined,  but 220VAC, fuse boxes, and the like scare the crap out of me.  I should mention that I blew the whole house offline trying to splice in a lighting circuit


Dave T


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