Re: Reversing Section Question


There is a wealth of info available on the website related to this group; it includes information on the response to your question. Here's a link to the specific section:

If you're not familiar with the website already, I strongly urge you to dive in. You'll have more questions as you get further into DCC, and the site is more efficient than waiting for someone to get around to answering your questions here - but ask when you can't figure it out, by all means.

My experience with metal wheels and multiple reversing sections has been that any time we left the reversing section shorter than train lengths, we would inevitably end up with wheels jumping the gaps at both ends simultaneously, resulting in momentary shutdowns; annoying as heck. This is alleviated by making the rail gaps large and filling them, resulting in a very short insulated section of track. Then the only remaining problems are long trains of lighted passenger cars and pusher units at the end of long freight trains - the pusher units are only an issue if the train is an unfortunate length, but it happens.

Unfortunately, the lighted passenger cars are still an issue for me, but we don't run a whole lot of those at full length, most are much shorter than our reversing sections.
Blair Smith

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