Momentary False Detection using BDL 168

Clay <claysmith44@...>

Every since I've been using BDL 168's for my detection I get a momentary false occupied block on my dispatchers panel. Sometimes only one or two blocks will light up as occupied and other times it will start out in one block and run down the line several blocks. It never lasts longer than a couple of seconds and there doesn't appear to be any rhyme or reason to when it happens. In my last session Wednesday night it happened early in the session and then quit, didn't happen in the last 90 minutes of the session. I do not have the high sensitivity setting checked on any of the 4 boards I use.
My layout is of the shelf type, doubled decked, and I use CF's to light the lower deck. In some areas the layout is not very deep and the detection wiring comes pretty close to the CF's. Could there be some kind of interference from the CF's causing this? I've also bundled some of the detection wiring with electrical tape, is this a bad thing? I would appreciate any feedback if anyone has any ideas on this.
Thank you.
Clay Smith
Hopkinsville KY

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