Re: I Need Your Expertise


Hi Rich, I also have an older engine, a Mantua 0-6-0 swithcher w/open frame motor. Don't know the amp draw but probably 1-2A under load. Would like to replace the motor as you did. Where can I find information for re-motoring older HO DC equiptment isolated motors, fit in the unit and grear drive & shafts etc. Problem here where I live is an hour drive to the nearest LHS.


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Put your multimeter leads in series
with one motor lead and feed 12 vdc to the motor. I use the slipping
driver test, press lightly on the driver rim, to measure motor
current under a load. Locking the drivers can be hard on the gears. I
remember most brass locos had fiber gears with a metal worm.
It may have happened to some but I have never seen a loco driver
lockup in a derailment.

I had an older MDC all metal steamer with open frame that would draw
about two amps so I had it re motored and re geared.


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