Re: I Need Your Expertise

René Lüthi


You can remove the boiler from the frame of your engine. Then you have
access to the motor and you can block the motor at the coupling to the
drive gear. So, you have an accurate current measurement and there is no
harm to the gears.

If it is an old open frame 3 pole motor, use it as an open load on a
flat car, I have fried a decoder on a slow run of 10 sec. with such a
motor. This kind of motors produce 3 nearly short circuits per
revolution, it is hard for the decoders when the motor spins faster and
mortal when the motor spins slowly.

Some brands of decoders may be fine tuned in order that the exhaust
chuff occurs at the exact moment. If the drivers make more than two
revolutions per second, you must be a professional telegraph operator to
see and hear whether the chuffs are synchronized or not anyway.


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