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Additionally, Tsunami sound decoders also have what they brand as
"Auto-Exhaust" which provides chuffing without the need for a cam
Lou Mc

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Since you have been looking for this loco for some time your expectations
may be rather high. Be sure to check out the DC motor before doing
anything. It may be an older open frame type that draws too many amps for
the DCC decoders of today. Changing out the motor to a more modern can type
would make it more compatible. Tsunami steam sound decoders are one of the
best for sound, and do have provisions for a chuff cam. And... Hire someone
to paint it if you are not up to it yourself.

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I've looking for years for a special HO brass locomotive. The ones I found
were mostly used and not in very good shape. I finally found a brand new
locomotive. It was more than I thought it should be, but I again had been
looking for a long time and decided to purchase it. When I got it, it was
unpainted. I've thought about putting a decoder with sound. What are your
thoughts on brand? This locomotive is pacific 4-6-2 type.. Do I want a
decoder with a driver cam or not? Let me know your thoughts.

Thanks in advance,

Gary Johnson
CStPM&O Modeler&#92;
Pleasant Grove, UT


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