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Put your multimeter leads in series
with one motor lead and feed 12 vdc to the motor. I use the slipping
driver test, press lightly on the driver rim, to measure motor
current under a load. Locking the drivers can be hard on the gears. I
remember most brass locos had fiber gears with a metal worm.
It may have happened to some but I have never seen a loco driver
lockup in a derailment.

I had an older MDC all metal steamer with open frame that would draw
about two amps so I had it re motored and re geared.

Inside every older person is a younger person wondering,
what happened?

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Since you have been looking for this loco for some time your expectations may be rather high. Be sure to check out the DC motor before doing anything. It may be an older open frame type that draws too many amps for the DCC decoders of today. Changing out the motor to a more modern can type would make it more compatible. Tsunami steam sound decoders are one of the best for sound, and do have provisions for a chuff cam. And... Hire someone to paint it if you are not up to it yourself.

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