Re: Hidden Yard wiring, equipped with track occupancy detectors.

Mark Gurries

I agree about disabling any DC options in the command station if
they are not being used. Especially true of the decoder in
turning it off via CV29.

That said, in this case a 0.28V (280 millivolts) DC presence
within a DCC signal is not a major DCV value of concern.
Variation in a given boosters DCC drive (waveshape) and/or DCC
noise can fool a voltmeter at this level. Why? A 0.28V is not
even enough voltage to make a DC motor run on pure DC nor fool a
decoder into thinking there is DC on the track. A major DC
presence would be a DC value in multiple Volts.

On 1/9/12 at 3:12 PM, (Blair & Rasa) wrote:
Just in case this detail got missed, I will reiterate what one
other poster pointed out. A DC level of 0.28V is only
indicative of a problem if you are absolutely sure DC
compatibility has been disabled in your CS/Booster. Even if
you normally operate with DC compatibility enabled, it is very
worthwhile to disable it and do the DC check again before shipping.

Don't ask me how I know!

Blair Smith


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