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Question to see how others fixed an issue. I have some Shinohara turnouts that are installed that have lost power to some of the point rails through the joiner. These did not have the modification that is shown on the website. These are ballasted turnouts so removing them is not an option.

My initial reaction is to solder the rail joiner to both sides. I realize this reduces flexibility but given the joiner is only a quarter inch long, I can't imagine that this would impact rail gauge etc. These are number 8 and 10's so the point rail is very long.
Not a good all. This will give you all sorts of problems, not the least of which is placing stress on the point assembly.

Although I routinely jumper these rails on the bench from the underside of the turnout- with #29 tinned uninsulated wire- providing wide-enough "loops" in the jumpers so that point rail movement is not impeded, this can also still be done with the turnout in place, but this time with the jumper on top of the ties, disguised with ballast, etc.

My other thought was to drill 2 holes through the table and add one side of a feeder wire to the pivot rail and the other end to the fixed rail.
This kind of fix is my "last resort" . It works well, is fast, and can be a very effective expedient.


Denny S. Anspach, MD

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