Re: Turntable Wiring. Was: Update to Wiring for DCC

Marcus Ammann

Hi Denny

What a great and easy fix to long time problem and an easy to fix "wound up"
loop, with the installation of a 2 pin Mini connector.

Next time I have either of my Turntable Bridges out for repair, I'm going to
modify my Bridges so I can have the loss of sound/short fixed as the Table
rotates 180 degrees as I turn my locos, a common operating procedure if and
when I run trains.

Thanks Denny.

Marcus A

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Allen, and group:

A quite viable alternate to the use of split rings, etc. for seamless
reliable power to turntable bridge rails is to hard-wire the rails out
through a hollow turntable pivot. One leaves a long enough loop hanging
below so that it would take some considerable time where the loop becomes
"wound up" because the table moves more clockwise than counterclockwise, or
v.v. To manage this eventuality easily, If and when this occurs, simply
place in the hanging loop a disconnect (Miniatronics in my own case) that
allows "unwinding" right in place.

The hardwiring is not only very, very simple, it allows smooth seamless
locomotive operations on and off the turntable bridge day-in and day-out
without any breaks in either movement or in sound. I use a very fine supple
duplex wire of unk. origin of about 26G but any supple wiring will do. In
two years of use, have I ever wound this up?

Yes, I have- after an extended bout of some not-so-easy programming of my
indexing system (38 positions) where the primary movement required was in
one direction. How did I fix it? I pulled apart the disconnects in the
hanging loop, unwound the wiring, re-connected the plugs and went back to
work. Time: less than a minute. Small price to pay for reliability.

I learned of this through an Australian correspondent who had already had a
good experience with this method over a period of years. Despite this, I
have had so many people (including most recently the manufacturer of a
popular indexing system) tell me -without trying it- that " it simply will
not work".

Well, it does.


Denny S. Anspach MD


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