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Marcus Ammann

Hi Mike

All QSI decoders are reset by programming:

CV 49 to 128
CV 50 to 255
CV 56 to 113.

Then remap your functions and get rid of the Shutdown feature.

Done more easily with Decoder Pro, than with the Decoder Manual. If you have
not already got Decoder Pro, it is time to, especially with programming
sound decoders. For Decoder, see:

Marcus A

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Decoder Number is 113, version 6 (QSI)

I have tried turning off the DC capability using CV 29 with a decimal value
of 34, both on the programming track and on the main. Per the QSI manual
version 3.

Behavior is the same.

I tried the F6 as you suggested (6 on the keypad) 6 showed up as the last
digit on the readout, then went back to a dash.

It appeared to make a difference, but when I moved the loco from the
programming track to the main, the same shut down behavior was exhibited.

I could not find in the Power Cab manual about the decoder reset feature.

Mike G.

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Mike,Not likely to be an inside issue. Try pressing F6 2 times about 1
second apart to unlock the decoder from the sound only/idle mode. Use the
PowerCab programming track features to read the codes to get mfg ID and
model # of the decoder. Need to know what decoder is inside, but you might
also try the decoder reset feature in the Power Cab. OR... Call Walthers and
talk to their rep.

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I have a Proto 2000 locomotive, GP30, Santa Fe, road number 3132, Part
number 31496, with DCC and Sound from the factory.
I am using a Power Cab to power the layout, and have it set to read
With no track connected = 0.04 amps
With track connected and 3 locos not selected current = 0.18 amps
3132 selected, at idle, and sound working current = 0.28 amps
add headlight on current = 0.28 - 0.29 amps
add horn blowing current = 0.34 - 0.36 amps.
headlight on and bell ringing = 0.29 amps
headlight on, bell ringing, and horn blowing current = 0.36 amps.

Thought you might find those numbers useful for reference. Now to the
When I try to move the loco forward or reverse, the sound speeds up, the
headlight gets brighter, then the entire loco shuts down. I have to remove
it from the track, wait a few seconds, then place it back on the track to
get its attention again.
The track never loses power.

It seems to e that the problem in internal to the loco. How do I get the
loco apart? Anything I should look for other than a black decoder?
Does this loco have a separate motor decoder and sound decoder?

Mike G.


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