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SO I AM NOT SURE HOW TO WIRE THOSE SECTIONS OF THE LAYOUT AS WELL that is where the major issues our presently.

Secondly, I am running Digitrax Zephyr system.

Using Scotchloks for connecting Feeders to bus wires.

i am very confused and not sure what to do next.


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Chris, OK, let's start with the basics:

You said "I cannot seem to get the trains to run on the layout." My guess
would be that you may have crossed a (some) feeders when connecting to the
DCC bus .

If you don't have a multimeter for checking voltages and resistance, I'd
suggest you get an inexpensive one from someplace like Harbor Freight or
Radio Shack.

(As an alternative you could use a 12 volt auto bulb to check for voltage.)

--Disconnect the output of the DCC unit from the track.

--Measure the voltage of the DCC unit output on the AC scale of the meter;
should be about 12-14 volts AC (for HO scale). Or the bulb lights.

--Re-connect the track bus to the DCC unit; recheck the voltage. It should
be the same (No trains on the track).

-- If it's less than before, or zero you probably have crossed feeders
somewhere, hopefully you used two different color wires on your feeders to
make it easier to find the ones that are crossed.

--If it stays at 12-14 volts AC then the wiring is probably OK.

Have you tested the DCC unit?

--Make a short piece of test track and try to run a loco.

Regarding the bus wires, they are NOT to be connected in a loop.

Ideally, the bus should be fed from the center with the wires going outwards
like a "T".

What brand of DCC system are you using?

What brand of turnouts? How are they wired?

HO scale?

Good luck and keep us posted.

Paul O

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To answer your questions here we go.

In reference " to be determined" that section will probably be a end of the
line part of the layout for now. I may add something in the future like a
reverse loop but for now nothing.

I am not a electrical expert so this is one area that I am lacking the
proper understanding of wiring for DCC. Very novice.

The issues that I am having with the wiring our the following:

1. I cannot seem to get the trains to run on the layout. I have feeder wires
coming down from both sides of the track every 18 - 24" these are attached
to two bus wires.

The bus wires our attached to each the two connection points on the DCC
control unit. It looks like it has power to the bus wires but nothing to the

What do I do with the ends of the bus wires? Our they to be attached
together so you have a continuous loop?

2. Not sure if I have the turnouts wired correctly so that might be
effecting the power as well?

Let's start there and see what advice you give me on the above and will make
the necessary changes.

Thanks everyone!


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