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Not EasyDCC. OUr club uses this system, and get NO support from the company. Our throttles are aging, and repairs take 2-3 months, (And we are local to the company).
No development or upgrades are in the works, and the system is very dated.

You might be able to get a system used on eBay, and if you gently use the system, it might last a while for you.

You might consider Lenz or ESU, but NCE is the besdt system on the marked at this time.
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Hello All,
My name is Bill and I am getting ready to purchase a DCC system. Surprisingly, I have all my engines prepared withe Soundtraxx decoders (all first generation diesels). Many in my local group use Digitraxx, however, I have been reading that their new duplex system absolutely just eats batteries, and that even using lithium batteries is of only some help. I saw somewhere that digitraxx will eventually not support the older simplex system, and in essence for everyone into the duplex system. I can not verify this, but somewhere on the web it was indicated this would happen. Thus I do not think I want to purchase a digitraxx system. Essentially, I am now just considering either NCE or Easy DCC. I will not be changing consists and I will never run more than six locos at a time; thus the normal knock on Easy DCC is of no significance to me. I do however require a radio, non-tethered system, which both offer.
I will however go somewhat overboard and follow the example of Paul Dolkos, a modeler of the highest order, who uses Easy DCC, but does what I want to do. Specifically, I want to put a separate power booster (individual power source zone or what ever you want to call it in each yard and town. I expect to have a total of six of these. The costs to do this with Easy DCC is much less than with the NCE system.
I would love to hear from anyone who has some information they could provide, or opinions in helping me decide what system to ultimately purchase. Please remember, I am looking for the simplest system, as I am not running a club railroad, but just a mid-sized layout for my Friday night group where we operate using various operating systems, waybills etc. Thank you in advance. Bill.

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