Re: Swing Drawbridge with DCC HO Layout

Paul O

Jim, the first obvious question is, did you remove the 'snubber' and try it

When the loco failed, could you place it anywhere else that it would work?

I've had the opposite problem where a TCS decoder would not respond at the
end of a bus and the snubber helped.

Try changing the values of the R-C components or moving the snubber to
another location.

Ideally, a 'scope would be the best route if you know someone that has one.

Paul O

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Tonight, for the first time since I've been rewiring my layout to DCC, I
a swing drawbridge, which I determined early on, would be one ending point
the layout wiring and from thereon, a booster would later supply power to
remaining layout.

It has a "snubber" wired across the two bus wires underneath. When I plugged
in, I could no longer control locomotive function, loco just sat there with
sound on and the Power Pro Radio Cab would not respond to function. When I
unplugged the bridge underneath, function came back to the Power Pro Cab.

What did I do wrong? Anyone have a clue. My layout is HO scale with Tsunami
sound decoders. I checked the wiring with a volt-ohm meter, and when the
is plugged in, and same track is connected via the probes, the reading goes
nothing to 0.00, so I'm assuming I didn't cross up the bus wiring. Can
figure this one out? Is the snubber causing the problem? Thanks.

Jim Schulte

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