Swing Drawbridge with DCC HO Layout

Jim <amtk507@...>

Tonight, for the first time since I've been rewiring my layout to DCC, I closed
a swing drawbridge, which I determined early on, would be one ending point of
the layout wiring and from thereon, a booster would later supply power to the
remaining layout.

It has a "snubber" wired across the two bus wires underneath. When I plugged it
in, I could no longer control locomotive function, loco just sat there with
sound on and the Power Pro Radio Cab would not respond to function. When I
unplugged the bridge underneath, function came back to the Power Pro Cab.

What did I do wrong? Anyone have a clue. My layout is HO scale with Tsunami
sound decoders. I checked the wiring with a volt-ohm meter, and when the bridge
is plugged in, and same track is connected via the probes, the reading goes from
nothing to 0.00, so I'm assuming I didn't cross up the bus wiring. Can someone
figure this one out? Is the snubber causing the problem? Thanks.

Jim Schulte

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