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robert leslie

I have a little experience with NCE, only occasional opportunities to use digitrax so i think the best thing i could say as a Easy DCC user is that the system is solid as a rock, I have never had a problem i could not resolve quickly and as recommended by that thick orange book which has to be the best thing going as far as an Instruction manual is concerned.
I know Easy DCC is not a system a large club would use but for a single operator or a layout with three to four occasional operators I cannot speak highly enough about it, its great.   And the wireless throttles never give any trouble. I belong to both the Digitrax and NCE users boards and sometimes i am amazed at the problems even some of the experienced users complain about. It seems to me the decision you need to make depends greatly on the sophistication you want to bring to your layout. If you are thinking long term about signalling or transponding or any other function with that level of control then maybe you want to go with a system that can expand to those areas.
Otherwise Easy DCC is robust, well thought out and the wireless throttles cannot be beat by anyone.
The tech assistance is also first rate if you need to ask a question.
Best wishes for a good decision,
Bob Leslie
Lakeland Fl.,

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I have no experience with Easy DCC, but did purchased an NCE PowerPro system soon after it came out in the late 1990's after seeing the Wangro System 1 in operation at a local club layout. Have since added radio, several more throttles, a booster for accessories, the Digitraxx programming track booster, and an effortless link to DecoderPro for programming and memory backup. It is very reliable and intuitively easy to use without need for manual consultation. The PowerCab route with piece part add-ons is nice for a small starter layout but is somewhat limited in expansion capabilities. So if your plans are for a larger home layout and you want the best and easiest to use, including unlimited expansion, skip the others and go directly to the latest NCE PowerPro system with radio. Check it out at a local club.

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Hello All,
My name is Bill and I am getting ready to purchase a DCC system. Surprisingly, I have all my engines prepared withe Soundtraxx decoders (all first generation diesels). Many in my local group use Digitraxx, however, I have been reading that their new duplex system absolutely just eats batteries, and that even using lithium batteries is of only some help. I saw somewhere that digitraxx will eventually not support the older simplex system, and in essence for everyone into the duplex system. I can not verify this, but somewhere on the web it was indicated this would happen. Thus I do not think I want to purchase a digitraxx system. Essentially, I am now just considering either NCE or Easy DCC. I will not be changing consists and I will never run more than six locos at a time; thus the normal knock on Easy DCC is of no significance to me. I do however require a radio, non-tethered system, which both offer.
I will however go somewhat overboard and follow the example of Paul Dolkos, a modeler of the highest order, who uses Easy DCC, but does what I want to do. Specifically, I want to put a separate power booster (individual power source zone or what ever you want to call it in each yard and town. I expect to have a total of six of these. The costs to do this with Easy DCC is much less than with the NCE system.
I would love to hear from anyone who has some information they could provide, or opinions in helping me decide what system to ultimately purchase. Please remember, I am looking for the simplest system, as I am not running a club railroad, but just a mid-sized layout for my Friday night group where we operate using various operating systems, waybills etc. Thank you in advance. Bill.

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