Re: DCC Track Cleaning Car

G'day Carl,

Not being funny, but the cleverest idea is not use these sorts of abrasive cleaning techniques on your railway. Everytime you abrasively clean a section of track you add tiny scratches to the rail surface that simply creates a spot where more dirt and oxidation can collect.

Stick to the rag and isopropyl alcohol type cleaning methods and you will be much better off.

If you do go with a loco powered system of cleaning, make sure the loco PUSHES the cleaning car, rather than have it pulling. There is some weird irony about cleaning the track which the loco has aready successfully passed.


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Hi Gang:

I just received two tiny gear motors from Electronics Goldmine:

Of course they went on sale just after I bought them!

So I'm planning on mounting them to a rail car with polishing discs
against the rails ( Gargraves Three Rail ). My question: is there a way
to monitor the resistance of the rails before and after cleaning?
Ideally I would like the rail car to slow down for dirty track. Perhaps
run the drive motor from the power from the front truck and the cleaning
gear motors from the rear truck setting on the cleaned track. Perhaps a
Green / Yellow / Red volt meters attached to each truck.

I do plan to drive the gear motors with DCC decoders.

Or should I just push it around with a locomotive I trust?

Any clever ideas out there?

Thanks, Carl.

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